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Top 5 Dangers to Your Relationship… And How to Avoid Them!

When dating in a big city, there are things that you need to think about as you navigate the dating world.

Relationship and Heart Warning SignsWe know to lock up our valuables when we leave our car, take our purse with us, and put pepper spray on our keychain, but what about all of the other possible dangers that you face when it comes to dating that you may not of thought of?

When you adjust your focus, you will see that things are not always cracked up what they seem to be. With the National Divorce rate over 50%, that has to tell you that something has gone seriously wrong. So many of theyounger generation don’t even believe in marriage anymore thanks pop culture teaching us that divorce is like a pill you swallow if it doesn’t work out. “Oh who cares, if it don’t work out, Ill just get a divorce mentality.

Back in the day as my grandma used to say, people actually stayed together. Why is that?What changed? I will outline some things that have caused the dating game to change to cause so many marriages to fail that are dangerous to your relationship if ignored. Back in the day, people didn’t just get a divorce, they stayed together, worked it out,even the family, and friends would not hear of such a thing and supported the idea of working it out. Back in the day, we didn’t give up on each other. We were committed. When you have a mentality of“who cares”, how can you possibly believe that you are truly committed?

Let’s take a look at the definition of commitment:

1. the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.
“the company’s commitment to quality”



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Someone asked me today why I do events when Im a Millionaire Matchmaker and the answer is simple! Im a hopeless romantic that knows that God has someone for everyone and I love seeing what is needed and providing it! Ive been that single mom that could only afford something cheap because I had 2 kids. Ive worked hard and missed so much so I know that as single moms and dads, we need a release ! Laughter is good for the soul – This world is half nuts and so many people are trying to cut yours!!! I want to provide a way for EVERYONE to find love regardless of income! These events are perfect for people that are shy, like me. Believe it or not. The way I created my events is if I wouldn’t go to them, then I wont have them!


Speed Dating alone could cost you $45-$50 alone, this is BOTH events for only $20 and the Headliner Jon Stringer isn’t no lightweight!! We are giving you a kick ass show – He is the recent winner of the 2014 Funniest In South Texas (FIST), the winner of the 2014 World Series of Comedy Satellite (WSOC – San Antonio, TX), the winner of the 2013 Last Texan Standing, and 2012 Funniest Person In Austin Finalist (FPIA). You may have seen him win MTV’s talent show, “Dude This Sucks” (2001). He also works with some of the biggest names in comedy, including Rob Schneider, Tom Rhodes, Rich Hall, Harry Basil, & Alex Reymundo to name a few.

Charles Allen Just wrote and Produced his 1st movie !! How Not to Propose- the Movie !! He is a native Texan DOING IT BIG IN LA coming home to his roots to bring us his unique perspective on love, relationships and how his Texas peeps have responded him moving to Hollywood!

Timothy Kirwin is a Houston favorite. He is going to have you peeing on yourself a little bit from laughing. Dont say I didnt warn you!

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