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Speed dating comes to the Swagger Bar in Houston

Swagger bar is host to  first Speed dating event with Matchmaker Amber Rountree-Neal with co-sponsors Cookie Seduction and author of Scope Your DateThese heels won the prize and their owner modeled them by walking across the barAmber Rountree-Neal poses with Master chef Mari Arrington of Cookie Seduction 15 photosView the full slideshow »
This size 13 shoe was runner-up to a size 14 on the scene
As the winner of the sexy lingerie door prize for highest heels strutted across the bar I knew I should have reviewed my low-light photography notes. Even so, I managed a few good shots as she paraded back up as volunteers helped her to the floor. Then came the prizes for men, as I caught a runner up for the largest shoe. I managed to qualify for being single longest, winning a $25 gift certificate from Cookie Seduction: not a bad prize, judging from the chocolate samples Master chef Mari Arrington offered me a few minutes earlier at her table just inside the Swagger Bar at 3839 Southeast Freeway.Then came the main event: the first speed dating mixer at the Swagger Bar. It was Friday October 19, and the evening was still young. Having been away from the bar scene for awhile, and knowing more than most care to discuss about on-line dating, I had heard of many of the latest trends and pitfalls of each. But speed-dating sounded different.

Matchmaker Amber Rountree-Neal Introduces Speed-dating at Swagger Bar Oct 19 2012
Matchmaker Amber Rountree-Neal Introduces Speed-dating at Swagger Bar Oct 19 2012
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photo by Marc Pembroke

 For many, the bar scene can be daunting, since the conversations often start with a focused “game plan” by at least one of two strangers, so there is always relatively high risk on the one hand, and the truth about identities, lifestyle, income, or careers is often missing in action. On-line dating makes it possible to “meet” people in the safety and quiet of one’s own home, but it can also be difficult to know whether a profile is genuine, and if so, whether there is any attraction to the other person when time comes to meet in person. So Matchmaker Amber Rountree Neal sought a “middle way.” Enter, “speed dating.”

The basic idea of a “speed dating” event is for singles to agree to a five-minute “interview” respecting basic ground rules. All participants register in advance with the sponsoring group, so males and females are about equal in number. A half-dozen tables for 2 were set aside for the session. No names, addresses, phone numbers or business cards are to be exchanged. But questions that can open up a window on personality are fair game. One suggestion “Suppose you knew you had only 6 months to live. Where would you spend them and what would you do?” After five minutes, the emcee announced time to move on to the next interview. Everyone scored the conversation and noted “yes” or “no” for further contact. The ladies remained seated and the gentlemen moved to the next interview table.

In little more than 45 minutes, everyone had talked with everyone and all the score sheets were turned in to the hostess for pairing. Meanwhile, guests were treated to a fantastic buffet, and a surprise glimpse at one of Houston’s newest entertainers, singer Amber Smoke

Realistically, no system is fool-proof, so it’s important to know how to size up any new person. Here, modern technology can be helpful for those who understand how to use it. A co-sponsor of tonight’s event was Tayarisha Joyce author of “Scope Your Date.” The website,, offers an e-book to be available November 2, 2012, with advice on free leads to check to see if your new contact has “issues” that merit caution (deadbeat parents, sex offender lists, and more).

As Amber explained, with speed-dating participants actually see their new prospect, an advantage over Internet dating. On the other hand, five minutes is not too long if there is no “chemistry” and long enough to see if there is some initial interest. Of course, what happens next is up to each couple.

YOUR MatchMaker is IN THE NEWS!!!

Culture Map, Houston Press, Houston Chronicle, The Examiner, Channel 2, & 20/20 covered my event with HSS TONIGHT!! Not tryin to brag, just HUMBLED by the goodness of GOD. Wow. #moneyVSthemission

Mark the date!

20/20 will air their story on Valentines Day 2013 and Channel 2 will air their story on Oct 17th !!



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Singles try to sniff out love in L.A.


  • Martina Desalvo, left,  Konstantin Bakhurin, second from left, and Neelroop...
  • A partygoer smells a bagged shirt during a pheromone party, Friday, June 15,...
  • Konstantin Bakhurin, center, smells a shirt as Martina Desalvo, left, and...

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LOS ANGELES (AP) — Sniff your way to love? Singles who have attended so-called pheromone parties haven’t ruled it out.

The get-togethers — which have been held in New York and Los Angeles and are planned for other cities — ask guests to submit a slept-in T-shirt that will be smelled by other participants.

Then, voila! You can pick your partner based on scent, or so the theory goes.

The parties started out as an experimental matchmaking fest by a California woman weary of online dating, but it turns out they also have a root in science. Researchers have shown that humans can use scent to sort out genetic combinations that could lead to weaker offspring.

At a dimly lit art gallery in Los Angeles on a recent night, partygoers huddled around several tables covered with plastic freezer bags stuffed with shirts and an index card bearing a number. Once they found one they liked, a photographer snapped a picture of them holding the bag and projected it onto a wall so the shirt’s rightful owner could step forward and meet his or her odor’s admirer.

Konstantin Bakhurin, a 25-year-old neuroscience graduate student, said he bypassed the bags that smelled like baby powder or laundry detergent or perfume in search of something more unique: the owner of a distinctive yellow-T-shirt whose fragrance he described as “spicy.”

“I think it’s probably a bit more pseudoscience,” said Bakhurin, who attended with two fellow graduate students from University of California, Los Angeles. “I just kind of came here for kicks to see what would happen.”

The parties are a marked contrast to the proliferation of online dating sites, which demand countless details from singles, and in some ways are taking romance back to its most primal beginnings.

Judith Prays, a web developer who now lives in Atlanta, said she came up with the idea for pheromone parties after she failed to find a match online. Prays said she’d date men for a month or so before things soured until she started seeing a man who wasn’t what she was looking for and wound up in a two-year relationship.

What she remembered was his smell.

“Even when he smelled objectively bad, I thought he smelled really good,” the 25-year-old said. “And so I thought, OK, maybe I should be dating based on smell?”

At first, it was an experiment. Prays invited 40 friends to a party in New York and asked them to sleep in a T-shirt for three nights, put it in a plastic bag and freeze it, then bring it to the party. Bags were coded with blue cards for men and pink for women and numbered so the shirts’ owners could pinpoint their admirers.

The night was a hit, Prays said, adding that half a dozen couples hooked up and one pair formed a relationship. Since then, she has held similar parties in New York and Los Angeles and is planning others for Atlanta, San Francisco and perhaps elsewhere.

Many partygoers chuckled at the idea of finding a match in a smelly T-shirt. But that’s not to say there isn’t some science supporting the idea.

Research studies using similar T-shirt experiments have shown that people prefer different human scents. But whose smell they prefer is dictated by a set of genes that influence our immune response — which researchers say is nature’s way of preventing inbreeding and preserving genetic adaptations developed over time.

“Humans can pick up this incredibly small chemical difference with their noses,” said Martha McClintock, founder of the Institute for Mind and Biology at the University of Chicago. “It is like an initial screen.”

In one such study, McClintock and her colleagues had participants sniff inside a covered box without knowing that in some cases they were smelling worn T-shirts. What they found was people preferred the odors of those who had different genetic makeups from their own, but not radically different.

In Los Angeles, several dozen 20-somethings headed to the gallery at night in search of romance — or at least out of curiosity. They posed playfully for the photographer with shirts they liked, hoping the owner might step forward and say hello.

Few did. Some admitted they had seen their number flashed on the wall but were too shy to identify themselves.

But there was still plenty of chatter as beer-sipping singles turned up their noses at bags that smelled like hiker’s sweat and their aunt’s old carpet and took a second whiff of sweet and musky fragrances they liked but couldn’t peg — a playful exercise that served as an icebreaker to what otherwise could have been an awkward gathering of strangers.

Karen Arellano threw back her head and laughed after trying a handful of bags that reeked of sweat, coffee and even weed — but said she didn’t really come to the party in search of love.

“I don’t think I’m going to find anything more than, ‘Hi, how are you,’ a conversation,” the 29-year-old baker said. “That’s expectation enough.”

Prays said she’s also learned from the experience that while scent is powerful, it isn’t enough to detect a good match.

“Animals have babies and they move on, and that’s what the pheromone party is,” said Prays, who may start including a few pertinent details on the index cards, like a person’s relationship expectations. “The most successful thing about it is it opens up conversation.”


Sniff out your soul mate at a Pheromones Party Oct. 5

29-95 Staff at 3:10 pm on September 20, 2012

I would NOT like to smell you laterI would NOT like to smell you later

The folks at Houston Social Source, a social networking website, certainly think so.  And they’d like to prove it to H-Town when they team with comic and matchmaker Amber Rountree-Neal to host a Pheromone Party at Nouveau Antique Art Bar.

So what’s a pheromone party? It’s all the rage  in New York and Los Angeles.

First, the parties require homework. Participants must sleep in the same T-shirt for three nights. When out of bed, T-shirts are stored in plastic bags in the freezer. The tees (in the plastic bag)  then are brought to the party where members of the opposite sex will sniff them.

The idea is to let your sense of smell be your guide to love.

HSS owner Jennifer Huthmacher said in a release:

“This is really exciting for the Houston Social Source and for our city. We are proud to have been the first to introduce Houston to a new way to socialize, and now we are proud to be the first to introduce the Pheromone Party craze. We know it will be a hit.”

The party will be 7 p.m.-10 p.m. Oct. 5 at Nouveau Antique Art Bar, 2913 Main St. Admission is $5 for HSS members and $10 for guests if you reserve by Sept. 28.  The prices rise to $10 and $20, respectively after Sept. 28. Reserve your spot here.

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How to get what you are……

I hear so many women complain that there arent any good men out there. Really? So all the good men got in a space ship & said F these bitches? We are OUT!  Lol

I kid, but seriously? There arent any good men out here? I am living proof that there are.

Our grandparents and most of our parents – depending on what generation you grew up in really had it right.

Remember when women actually used to REQUIRE the ROCK to sleep with her man?

Now, its “what time do you get off”?

One thing you will learn quick in dealing with The Law of Attraction that I live my life by – that you get what you ARE not what you want.

I grew up in the women’s lib movement of the 90s and was a huge advocate. I was all about not needing a man. . It was when interracial dating became big and now, 1 in 5 relationships are Interracial almost 20 years later. I had bi-racial kids in the 90s when it wasnt as  accepted but I believe in equality for all, regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation and the RIGHT to say who you are going to love in life.

 I planned my daughter, but I was WOMEN POWER and decided I could do it on my own. Although her father and I lived together in a serious relatioship for a year and did plan to marry, ultimately, it didnt happen. We even planned our daughter. I chose the wrong guy. Because I was 21 and picked based on looks & some personality and he was not ready to be a dad. At that age, that’s immaturity for you. I didnt care, I was PRO WOMEN and would PROVE that I could do it by myself.  I was now free to earn my own wages, receive an education and be a BOSS. We have proven that we can do everything a man can do, however there are somethings, if you would allow it, that it feels REALLY GOOD that you dont have to worry about anymore.

What I didnt realize is how HARD it was going to be  – to be a single parent. The kids are the ones suffering the most. The stats on children without fathers is so depressing I wont elaborate more than to just say, our children are dying, going to prison, getting addicted to drugs, living a high crime lifestyle, failing classes, and so much more. The point is ladies, we were WRONG.  We DO need men especially when it comes to raising our children!  Its about family and giving our kids a healthy shot at having a better life and if we care enough about THEM to not bring them into a single parent home if it can be avoided and stop having such a casual attitude in regards to your booty call knocking you up. Or get on birth control. Use condoms. Stop being selfish and just living for the moment.  It’s selfish. The right man is worth having standards for. He will adore that about you.

If it’s right, he will bring you peace, love and inspiration to your very soul.

He will protect you and provide for you. He will make sure that you are always treated like a Queen. Just know that if you want to be a REAL QUEEN, you have to be with a REAL KING. Your self emposed title of Queen dont count. That’s like a guy calling himself “Big Daddy” to me when I ask his name. I told one dude “If I put you in my phone as “Big Daddy”, it’s gonna be like “Big Daddy 38″ with his $2000 rims on his avenger talking about he wanted to take care of me and the was Ballin outta control, yet this idiot tells me he will call me tomorrow after he refills his minutes on his cell phone! The clues are there ladies! Lol! You cant be fake and expect to attract someone authentic.

It’s not about all the strife of competing for who is REALLY running the relationship. It’s okay to work hard, hustle, do your thang, but in a relationship, there can only be ONE leader. This doesnt mean you arent equal partners it just means that you ladies stand behind him and trust him to lead the way and fellas, always LEAD because if you are with the RIGHT woman, you know she will always have your back.

But what I found is once we started becoming like men in the workforce, we quickly picked up their sexcapades and then the BOOTY CALL was born and that is why is the leading online site for married couples that want to have affairs. 80% of their clients are women. They made 60Million last yaer and are on track to make 100 Million this year. 80% of their clients are women. Shocking. Wow. We really have become just like men.

But the good news is that there are good men out there. Plenty of them. I meet them all the time. Ive seen couples fall in love and stay in love.

Strip away the car you want him to drive. Strip away the House you think he should have? The salary, the job, the fame, fortune, whatever. Put you and him together on an island. You are NEVER getting off. Would you want to be there? Or would you want to feed him to the sharks? :)

It cant be about things that can change like looks, money, status, careers or sex.

To begin to find the man of your dreams, you must first start within yourself. You must take a long hard look at all the things you want in a man and then ask yourself, am I offering the same thing back? Or are you trying to have control and be the boss all the time? Maybe you can let him lead. Maybe you have no idea how sexy it is to have a man that cares enough about you to pay attention to the details of things that he think might make you happy. Not only did he get a hotel for you in Manhatten, at a nice hotel none the less, but had the forethought to ask for a room with a view over Central Park. It’ s the fact that he cares enough to go the extra mile. You know why you attracted him? Because you are the kind of chick that will also go the extra mile for him.

You want somone to be faithful. Are you? Or have you kept a string of bad relationships? Does it always seem like you continue to pick the same “type” of guy? You are more than likely the common denominator.

Once you BECOME who you want to MEET.  You will.

You can be independent. But men need to be respected, appreciated and needed.  The worse thing you can ever say to your man is ” I dont need you”. Online dating has almost ruined marriage completely. The National Divore rate for 2012 is 75%. Crazzzzy! You wanna know why people use a MatchMaker is because the divorce rate in the MatchMaking Industry is less than 7%.

In my Decade as a MatchMaker, Ive carefully analyzed common factors and I’ve identified that the problem isnt just with the MEN ladies, It is with US too!  

I really believe that Women’s Lib did create progress for women, but it also reversed the natural way a man and woman connect. He is a hunter Booty calls make it to where she is basically the deer that is laying down in front of the Lion. It wouldnt happen. Dont you know people want what they cant have?  That is why Celebrities are famous and VIP section exists. You have to set yourself apart . You gonna be the  HO or the HOUSEWIFE? Eventually you have to pick. And act accordingly. Just because you keep your skeletons in the closet doesnt mean they dont exist. You cant run from Karma. What you put out there shall return. Do you really want to be the WIFE or the SIDE CHIC? Are you ALL of the things you DEMAND in your mate? Hmmm?

 You dont sleep with a man you actually like until you KNOW FOR SURE how he feels about you. Not what you “think” or “maybe” feel. KNOW, in your HEART, not the BS you lie to yourself about. Stop making excuses why they never call back or only call you when they want to use you and you call them too, but eventually you just wind up with high milege, an STD or so bitter that you stay alone.  2 rules I live by. People do what they want to to do and people do what you let them. Continue to repeat that and live by it and it will cut out a lot of garbage people in your life. People do what they want to do. So if he isnt coming home, calling, texting or being faithful, then that  is EXACTLY what he wants to do. He will ONLY do it if you ALLOW him to. You really cant ask a man to respect you when you dont respect yourself enough to make him EARN your body.

Often times, when we meet a man, we are swept up, putting his last name with ours, thinking long term what life would be like if he was the one. Most of the time, he has a single focus. He is thinking about saying the right things to sleep with you. Even if they genuinly like you, sex is always in the forefront of their mind. Most men surveyed said that they judged a girl by how easy it was to get her to talk to him, let alone sleep with him,  believing that however she handled him is a pretty good indication of how easily she would do that with another guy. You have to stand out! That means –  if you LIKE HIM, make him EARN the lovin. Make him show you love & respect first! You made him stimulate your mind before you allowed him to touch your body

 However I think we need to take it down a notch and find a balance in the God given roles of a man and woman. It’s biblical. He is to lead, she is to be a helpmate. That doesnt mean he can abuse her, or mistreat her, infact, it says quite the oppostite. He is to cherish her and honor her and love her as Christ loved the Church.  It’s about he is the Head of the House and a leader. If you disagree, then maybe you dont share the same Christian beliefs. That’s okay. Your perogative to think whatver you do! Im not here to convince you, just share what I know to be true.  Lead fellas, come back. We do need you and Im not ashamed to say that It’ okay to let your man lead you. Just have the sense the good Lord gave you and have enough confidence in who you are and what you bring to the table. The bible says, he that findeth a wife, finds a good thing. He is the natural born leader. Trust him to lead. It is so comforting knowing he is a good man and he truly has your back and best interest at heart. Hold out for someone that is WORTH it. It says you are worth more than Rubies. Say that everyday anytime you think about it for 30 days and I promise you, even YOU will start to believe it and you will ATTRACT what you ARE.

Better believe it! Love to all! I love when people fall in love on my watch!

You have to match to the core. You have to be the same “type”. Birds of a feather truly do flock together.

If you dont have what you want in a mate. Check yo self  b4 you wreck yo self!

<3 MatchMaker out…….